How to Polish Tungsten Rings?

If your tungsten wedding bands is worn for a long period of time and becomes dull and tarnished, and it will not regain its shine after being cleaned with a cleaning solution, you may need to polish it.

You need to prepare the diamond polishing compound and cotton polishing wheel, which are installed on the polishing machine or rotary tool. Then, the first thing you need to do is wear the goggles, and it’s always a good idea to wear safety goggles when using manual tools, safety first. If you do this correctly, the polishing will quickly heat up the ring. It’s too hot to touch with your hands. Even if you don’t have leather gloves, try using cotton gloves, which will at least allow you to hold the ring without getting burned. The key to polishing the tungsten carbide ring is to get the correct polishing compound, and in order to get the gloss, you will need a 0.5 micron polishing compound. If you already have a polishing machine, you only need a cotton polishing wheel. The larger the diameter of the wheel, the less time it takes to polish the ring back to its original sheen.

You can apply the compound on the ring or on the polishing wheel. If you apply it to the polishing wheel, you must unroll it and rub it into the wheel so it doesn’t fly off the wheel when you start the motor. You can start at low speeds, so that the compounds can spread across the rings and surfaces of the wheels without flying out first.

When you do the actual polishing, apply pressure on the ring and polish a small area until it becomes shiny, then move to the next area. The paste will turn black, which is a marker for the compound to remove some of the tungsten carbide on the surface. Keep in mind that the ring is very hot at this point, and wear gloves to rotate to change its position. Use a paper towel to wipe the black paste from the freshly polished area to check the progress after a minute. If the surface is not satisfactory, reapply the polishing compound and polish it again.

Finally, put a few drops of dishwashing liquid on the ring and wipe it thoroughly. Then rinse with tape water and dry with a clean cloth. This should still be your new and unique rings.

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